You’ve Got This!

Do you have one habit that you’d like to change today? Do you have some aspect in your business or personal life that you know you should take action to change? Why, haven’t you made that change?

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Do These 3 Things to Make the Most Of Holiday Re-Vu

N-Vu’s annual Holiday Re-Vu program is free and aims to bring you more sales and exposure during the holiday season. We relaunch your Client Galleries that expired over the past year and send guests a custom email campaign inviting them back into their gallery while suggesting photos as gifts.

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In-Person Sales

Turning the Tide: An IPS Revolution

It turned out that the shoot-and-burn model was unprofitable and exhausting. Before long, I found myself overworked, underpaid and highly frustrated. This was not a sustainable business model, and I knew something had to change.

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Organized Chaos? Let 17hats and N-Vu’s Integration Do The Work

To say I was thrilled when N-Vu announced that they had an integration with 17hats is an understatement. This simple integration has not only saved us time, but makes our clients a lot happier to instantly get a record of their purchase whether they are in person or having a remote design session with us.

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