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Streamline your order management & workflow with our Pixifi integration.

N-Vu & Pixifi connected


Automatically see N-Vu orders as Pixifi invoices, with a direct link to view the order in N-Vu.
Synced N-Vu orders are included in Pixifi payment statistics, so you can see all your income in one place.
N-Vu orders link to Pixifi customer contact cards, keeping client information in sync at all times.
Save time by automatically setting up an N-Vu event as part of a Pixifi workflow.

Not a Pixifi Member?

How it works.

Go to Pixifi Settings > External Integrations > 3rd Party Image Hosting and select N-Vu.
Log in to N-Vu. You are now connected!
Start building workflows and syncing orders to Pixifi!

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