Stunning client proofing galleries.

Want complete control of your digital file delivery? Our galleries are easy to set up and provide incredible flexibility, allowing you to look your best online.

Stunning, customizable gallery layouts

Client galleries have a modern mosaic layout that is responsive on all devices, so your images will always look their best. Welcome screens can be customized to your heart’s content, with five different styles and the ability to change colors, fonts and text. Check out the sample galleries below to see just a few of the different styles available!

Built-in client proofing tools

Showing your client what their prints will look like in their home is one of the most powerful sales tools there is. The N-Vu platform has an amazing proofing tool built right in to the platform: Room-Vu.

With Room-Vu, you and your clients can preview any image and any size print right from their gallery. Use our stock rooms, or have your clients use Room-Vu Direct to send a picture of their own space straight to their gallery. Either way, Room-Vu is an incredible proofing tool that’s sure to boost your sales averages!

Using Room-Vu with images of the clients' own house
Room-Vu with stock rooms

Custom order statuses to match your workflow

Do you have trouble keeping track of what products have been delivered, ordered, packaged, picked up or shipped for your clients? Create custom order statuses in N-Vu to stay on top of where each product is in the process. Assign a status to an entire order or each individual item, and see orders or items that require action in your N-Vu dashboard.
Previewing a wall gallery collection in Room-Vu, part of N-Vu online galleries

Re-launch and re-engage with Re-Vu

Successful photographers know that the more you engage with clients, the better your opportunity to sell and increase profits. Re-Vu is a tool that allows you to automatically reactivate your client galleries for a limited time so you can re-market to all gallery visitors for anniversaries, holidays, or any custom date.
Activate Re-Vu in your gallery settings.

Select a date to relaunch your event.

Customize your Re-Vu email.

Get organized with presets, notes & favorites folders

N-Vu makes it simple to organize galleries and streamline your workflow. Want consistency in your branding? Save client gallery settings as a preset and use them with a single click. Want to keep retouching notes or client requests at your fingertips? Add them as image notes and never lose track of them again. Want to find all of grandma’s favorite photographs in one place for an order? We got you covered with favorites folders organized by user.

Creating gallery presets in N-Vu
Adding image, item, and order notes for images in N-Vu

Even more features

N-Vu client galleries have everything you need to sell and share your images online.

Beautiful mosaic layout.

Responsive design for phone to big screen.

Room-Vu to merchandise larger prints and wraps.

Re-Vu to re-launch a gallery and sell more.

Creative covers and customizable themes.

Digital downloads with or without cart.

Multiple private or shared favorite folders.

Share by text, email, social media or client access page.

Simple, secure shopping cart.

Flexible, automated watermark options.

Manage multiple brands from one account.

Control your weekly payouts.

Sell anything.

Multiple price lists, discounts and photo credits.

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