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The future of In-Person Sales


Dual-Vu from N-Vu will help transform your business. If you are a photographer, you know, the path to making more money is offering your clients more than just a digital file. To that point, you need to embrace a sales process that works for your business. Today, this is known as In Person Sales or IPS. The ironic part of IPS is that it doesn’t have to be in person. That’s right. Today, we live in an ever-increasing virtual world. Are you ready to embrace it?

Now, of course, you have to be with your clients on the photoshoot, but what if there was a simpler way to give your clients that IPS experience without having a studio? Or without them ever having to leave their home?

Sell anytime, anywhere.

Dual-Vu brings all the power of the N-Vu platform to a remote environment. You can sell in person, or remotely when your clients can’t be with you and give each client the same amazing experience, from impact welcome images to slideshows and culling. Dual-Vu allows you to run virtual sales sessions with ease and is sure to wow your clients with a simple, clean interface.

Built-in video chat with Live-Vu.

Live-Vu is part of N-Vu’s robust platform and built into Dual-Vu.

The best part of an in-person sales session is the look on your clients’ faces when they see those amazing images! With Live-Vu, you can start a video call inside of your N-Vu sales session so you can see and talk to one another in real time, without having to play tech support.

With N-Vu, you now have one tool to rule them all. No longer do you have to flip back and forth between programs costing more money than any of us want to spend. N-Vu gives you everything you need from online galleries, to room visualization software, to video conferencing, to billing and invoicing and more.

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