Selling Remotely With Dual-Vu

Photographers are innovating to keep their businesses alive during this time of social distancing and sheltering in place.  This repost of our Q&A in April (as we were beginning our social distancing journeys) features Michael Anthony, Casey Dittmer and Meredith Ryncarz, sharing their thoughts and ideas to keep their business running during the COVID19 shelter-in-place crisis. 

As you enjoy this casual, spontaneous, hour-long Q&A repost, we know you will take away some great ideas and learn from their insight.  Some of the subjects they covered are:

  • Innovative ways that they use to keep their business moving forward
  • Examples of remote client sessions – what went well and what didn’t
  • Handling internet issues on the client end during remote sessions
  • Best practices to prep for online in-person sales session
  • How to handle clients that just want to purchase digital files

N-Vu is a very unique platform, in that it is a cloud-based platform that allows you to upload your images just one time.  From that one event, you can create an in-person sales session that you can do remotely, online client galleries and mobile apps.  Michael, Casey and Meredith all use N-Vu’s Dual-Vu feature that allows photographers to run the in-person sales session from remote locations.  

We will be following up with Michael, Casey and Meredith very soon to see how they are doing now, after several months of running their businesses with the pandemic. We will see what they have learned, what they are doing differently and how they see things changing as we move forward. We will also be highlighting several exciting new features that N-Vu has added since April, to address some of the concerns and ideas mentioned in the webinar!

Watch the video:

About the presenters:

Casey Dittmer is an awarding winning photographer from Western Colorado. With over 19 years of experience in the industry, she has seen trends, economies and businesses come and go. She believes in always pushing forward in your business and in your art. Best known for her high dynamic maternity portraits. 2018 Rise Awards: International Maternity Photographer of the YEAR.

Michael Anthony Photography is a Los Angeles based Wedding Photography studio that was started in 2011 by Michael Anthony and Jennifer Loizzi. Our work is best known for its colorful, contemporary, cinematic style of portraiture. Our love for storytelling and wedding photography has allowed us to capture weddings all throughout the world.

Meredith Ryncarz is a former college art professor turned photographer (Meredith Ryncarz Photography) and creative business coach (The Restart Specialist) in Savannah, Georgia. She is obsessed with helping photographers develop a flexible and efficient business model that enables them to thrive in the market they are in or the market they want to be in.