Frequently asked Questions

N-Vu is the only complete selling solution for professional photographers. It’s simple to create In-Person Sales Sessions, Client Galleries and Mobile Apps from a single Event. We display your images in a beautiful, modern interface, save you time and money by streamlining your workflow, and give you more ways to monetize your images than any other platform. Our software is cloud-based and delivers a regular flow of updates that you can access from any connected computer.
We price our plans to keep your costs low. In-Person Sales Sessions never have a commission. Online Client Galleries come with or without commission. If you sell under $7,000 a year online, our unlimited $149/yr Classic and $249 Platinum plans cost you less. Sell over $7,000 a year online? Choose our No Commission plan.
We offer U.S.-Based phone and email support Monday through Friday for our lab products and software. Most of our reps are photographers averaging over seven years experience with us! We believe we will be successful only if we first help you to be successful.
You can use N-Vu’s auto-fulfill option and/or manually fulfil from the lab of your choice. N-Vu products are created by H&H Color Lab. When you fulfill through us, just call one number for product and technical support. Mix and match fulfillment options on your price list to offer best-of-breed products to your clients.
It’s super easy to create a Client Gallery from your IPS Session. Just click the Client Gallery card on your Event Dashboard. Tell us which images you want to import from your IPS Session. For example, import the client’s Yes’s and Favorites to keep client decisions simple in the Client Gallery. When a client logs in using their email address, only their rated images will appear. This is great for events where the couple and parents have select different images. Finally, your Image Organizer tool will categorize orders, rated images and favorites and across IPS Sessions and Client Galleries by client. This saves you time and makes your workflow drop dead simple.

We designed our software to optimize your complete sales workflow. With one upload, you can create an IPS Session, Client Gallery and Mobile App, and manage orders, rated images and favorites in one interface. These IPS vendors don’t offer image storage, proofing galleries, mobile apps, free software updates, live phone support, or the ability of use the software from any number of computers anytime, anywhere. We also offer unique features like Dual-Vu for “remote IPS” sessions, Re-Vu to remarket online galleries for extra holiday and anniversary sales.

We provide more powerful selling tools. Photographers make their biggest sales with IPS, not from proofing galleries. N-Vu combined IPS Sessions, Client Galleries and Mobile Apps into one interface. This increases your revenue and simplifies management of orders, rated images and favorites. These proofing gallery vendors don’t offer an IPS solution, galleries that display wall decor in a room, or offer free album design software. N-Vu also offers unique features like Dual-Vu for “remote IPS” sessions and Re-Vu to remarket online galleries for extra holiday and anniversary sales.

Yes, currently IPS Sessions, Client Galleries and Mobile Apps are delivered via the cloud. This also allows us to regularly update our applications with new features without requiring users to do anything other than login.